How do I get my RV Dealership listed on your website?
You can go here and fill out the form:

Can RV Dealerships have negative reviews removed from the site?
Reviews are almost never removed and never because a RV Dealership denies an incident occurred. If we are able to verify a review was factually incorrect about a specific feature of the RV Dealership, it may be removed at RV Dealer Review’s discretion.

Can I review my own RV Dealership or perhaps the RV Dealership of a competitor?
No. This is expressly forbidden in our user agreement. Reviews are submitted by REAL RVers.

Can I comment on or respond to a review?
Yes. As long as you keep the response on topic. We will under no circumstance allow bashing of reviewers. It is at RV Dealer Review’s discretion as to if a response is “ok” to leave posted or if it needs to be removed. We are however here to help you in your online reputation. Please see this link for more information:

How can I correct basic listing information (address, website, etc) about my RV Dealership?
You may use the Contact link at the bottom of every page to reach our help desk. Please include a link to the current listing on our site and any updated information.

How can I increase reviews for my RV Dealership at RV Dealer Review?
By putting a pro-active system in place for asking for reviews. Go here to for the best ways to ask for a review:

Where can I add photos of my Dealership?
Once you have Claimed your RV Dealership with RV Dealer Reviews and enabled the features to manage your listing, you will be able to add images to your listing. Go here to Claim Your RV Dealership:

What is “Claim this RV Dealership”
Expanded capability to edit a listing, updated site amenities and post info of interest to RVers. Go here to Claim Your RV Dealership and see all the benefits included:

What happens if I cancel my Claimed RV Dealership?
Then you will go back to the regular Verified status and no longer have all of the extras to show your RV Dealership in the best way possible.

Who owns RV Dealer Reviews?
RV Camping Connect

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