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    We are retired, ln our 70’s and interested in finding a fifth wheel that we could use to camp and possibly become full-timers. We found one there that we absolutely loved and we were assured everything worked, so we paid them thousands from our retirement money. Got it home an NOTHING worked and they would do nothing about it. They had put a new roof on it and it still leaks to the point the carpet needs replaced. Come to find out while doing this, screws went through the wiring, hence no lights! We were told the only way to fix it was to remove the roof. NOT! We hoped maybe, at least, the fridge worked..of course not so there’s another $600.00 to make it work..that was before we discovered all the other problems; that part is still in the box somewhere. Did the generator work..of course not! Two years later and lot poorer, it’s just sitting in our yard. Thoroughly disgusted to think that a business would take advantage of two elderly people!

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