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    Absolutely fantastic! Customer service above & beyond the rest.
    We traveled 2 states to get our pup camper. No one else near had the one we wanted. We did our research about their reputation and checked out their reputation: which is fantastic and has a very long history. We took a chance and made the 10 hour drive. It was worth every penny spent. Their reputation is earned. They are exactly what we had read about, honest, up front, helpful, and thorough. They worked with us and found financing we were happy with. They instructed us and showed us hands on how to operate and identify all the parts of our camper. They took the time to answer all our questions no matter how small. One of the answers we received confirmed their reputation even more. When we wanted to know about the best option for us, they told us what it was, that they did not carry it in the store, and that they were working on getting it in. Who does that anymore? Wow. What great service!
    Also, on a side note, we came around Christmas and they even had Santa there for the kids with little gifts. What a great experience. We know where we will be looking when it comes time to buy a big camper, RCD Pataskala.

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