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    We were looking to purchase a Montana High Country, and this dealer was the closest to our Georgia location that had it in stock. On the website it had a box “Click to unlock Oxford Pricing”, so I did. It was around $1500. less than listed. Thankfully, I took a screen shot of it because the salesman had no idea what I was talking about. He had to take my phone to show the finance people.
    When he asked what it would take to get me to purchase, I said “get the price under $50K” – because he said if it were over $50K the bank required 10% down. I was able to find 6 other CW within 200 miles of us with the exact same camper for $49,989. They actually honored that price, but still had to have the 10% down, which we did not want to do. We spent about 6 hours that day just trying to get things right.
    When we went to pick up the camper, they found that they had ordered the wrong 5th wheel hitch. So my husband had to take another day off from work to travel to Alabama to pick up the unit.
    I was concerned with the taxes since we were purchasing in AL and live in GA. The finance people assured us that they would make sure it was all paid to GA. Not to worry. Well, the Coweta Tax Assessor’s office called and told us that CW did Not send the correct amount and we owed more. They even said that 9 out of 10 times, in their dealings, CW of Oxford got the taxes wrong.
    We were very leery about purchasing from this dealer due to the negative reviews. Lesson learned. Never again.

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